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This product is only recommended with a stage 4 performance package

Adding a larger Intercooler to increase performance, won't work as you'd expect. Often is the case that someone will add a performance intercooler, only to find that the car is only slightly brighter than before. This is due to the standard boost pressure, set at 1.2bar, which will not allow a performance Intercooler to work at optimum efficiency.

It is possible to increase the turbo boost pressure, to give more power and torque, by getting an Alive Tuning remap. Our uprated Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor will alow a safe and controlled increase in boost pressure, without the engine management sensing an 'overboost' situation, putting the car into Limp Mode. With more boost present, the performance Intercooler is able to better dissipate the additional heat generated, making for a much more dense intake air charge, and hence giving more power and torque.
If you have a bigger Intercooler, but don't have an uprated MAP sensor, then you're not realising the full potential of your engine!
The effects of fitting this kit are obvious from the moment you start to drive. The car will feel brighter, right from low rpm, and will help to provide a smooth spread of power. Any exhaust smoke you had before fitting the booster, will be virtually eliminated due to much improved combustion.
This upgrade requires a recalibration of the engine management parameters (tuning), to make the uprated sensor work as it should. The cost of this is included in the price of the sensor. Overboost cut points can be set to any level from 1 to 3 bar, as appropriate for the level of tuning required.
Turbo pressure can be monitored via diagnostics (Nanocom, Hawkeye, etc) so you can see exactly the turbo pressure being made!
Please note that this product should only be used in conjunction with a remapped engine management system, and a stage 4 performance package!


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