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The standard Td5 is a great car but can feel lethargic and can be rather frustrating when it doesn't deliver the power you'd expect. With an ALIVE remap we make the car feel brighter and more responsive, delivering the power exactly where you need it, and with our socially acceptable tuning, without any nasty smoke!

Alive's knowledge of the Td5 is revered the world over, with experience of tuning these spanning back to 2003 when we bought our very first Discovery Td5, its fair to say what we don't know about these isn't worth knowing!

We've pushed the Td5 engine to extremes over the years, in the quest to find its limits and break down the barriers to more and more power. Putting in countless hours (months, years even!) of tireless development on and off the dyno, ALIVE has a range of performance options for the Td5 thats PROVEN to deliver real results. 

Whatever you use your Td5 for, we can tailor its performance to suit and get the absolute best from the engine without compromising reliability.

This Remap can be purchased in advance to visiting our premises and comes with a complimentary diagnostic check to make sure your car is in tip top shape as we will never tune a sick car!

Please Note: early 10p Td5s (1999>2001) with an MSBxxxxxx part number ECU are non flashable, which means we will need to remove the Ecu from the vehicle and open it up on the bench for some Alive brain surgery. Later models fitted with NNNxxxxxx part number ECU's can be flashed via the OBD port.

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