• Typical dyno chart of GTB450
  • Typical dyno chart of GTB450

GTB450 Td5 VNT Turbo Kit - Defender Td5

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The result of six years development and testing in the harshest of environments, the ALIVE GTB450 is the direct fit VNT turbo for the Td5 that works as a VNT turbo should!

Designed to deliver massive torque at low engine speeds, this turbo kit, with the appropriate dyno proven ALIVE remapping, makes even the heaviest or tallest geared Td5 Defender pick up and go. These really do shine when under load, with effortless drivability and far fewer gear changes needed when facing those long ascents, especially when towing, making the load feel so much lighter.

Power is rated up to 210hp / 450Nm on a healthy 15P engine, although we often see figures in excess of this when tuned on our MAHA MSR500 dyno at Alive HQ. We appreciate many may not want to push the limits and we can accommodate this with more sedate levels of tuning, which still provide incredible flexibility when driving.

Recommended supporting modifications are an Alive Ultimate Intercooler (which won't split under the high boost pressure), High flow exhaust system, ITG Air Filter, Our uprated silicone reinforced turbo inlet elbow, Uprated Clutch Kit. We do not recommend the use of a regular snorkel / raised air intake as these are almost always too restrictive to provide the air flow required.

This turbo has the potential to push the Td5 engine way beyond its original spec and it is essential that the vehicle this is to be fitted to, is well maintained and in good overall condition. It is required that the engine be given an oil and filter change at the same time as installation, which is normal practice when installing a new turbo on any car.

The Defender Td5 GTB450 kit consists of the following parts:

  • GTB450 VNT Turbo
  • Modified turbo oil feed pipe
  • Modified turbo oil return pipe
  • Uprated Bosch 4 bar MAP sensor
  • All appropriate seals & gaskets
  • Electronic turbo boost modulator kit

Your Engine Control Unit will need to be carefully calibrated to get the best out of this hardware and we highly recommend this is performed at Alive HQ. We appreciate this may not be practical for many and so if you have an alternative means to download/upload map files, with such as with a Nanocom, then we can work with this and guide you to ensure a perfect setup. Alternatively, you can send your ECU to Alive HQ, along with full details of all vehicle modifications and we will set your ECU up in-house for a plug & play installation.

Please note remap files will need to be purchased separately.

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