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Alive Hybrid Turbo for Defender 2.4 TDCi Puma models from 2007 to 2011.

Having spent many months and many thousands of pounds testing and developing our uprated turbo for the 2.4 puma modes, we came to the conclusion that nothing works better than the original turbo, therefore Alive do not make or sell an uprated turbo for the 2.4 Defender.

  • Why doesn't it work?
    • The standard compressor wheel on the 2.4 turbo is perfectly sized to allow us to extract the maximum safe performance from this engine, and then some! The valves within the cylinder head, significantly restrict the volume of air that's able to flow through the engine. Adding a larger compressor wheel with a 'hybrid' turbo, allows the turbo to flow a greater volume of air, BUT this greater volume simply cannot flow through the puma cylinder head. The results of this mean the compressor side backs up with pressure, slowing the turbine speed, which quite literally 'puts the brakes' on the turbine side (Exhaust side). Again this backs up the exhaust gasses trying to drive the turbine and sends exhaust manifold pressure to greatly exceed safe limits, which greatly increase Exhaust Gas Temperatures. The results when driving the vehicle are that the engine response will be more lethargic on initial spool up, and this could be claimed that it has more 'lag' because its a 'bigger' turbo, but of course we know this isn't the case, as explained above.The 2.4 TDCi puma engine is rather fragile and needs to be tuned with care to help ensure good long term reliability. Even in standard form, these engines can fail in many ways, most commonly with cracked pistons and failed injectors. Increased injector duration (opening time) can also cause premature engine failure along with excessively High Exhaust Gas Temperatures.

Alive put in the time, resources and of course money, to ensure everything we sell makes a positive improvement.

If it doesn't work or provide a notable benefit, we don't sell it! 

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