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Alive's remap tuning for the 3.0 TDV6 and SDV6 is revered the world over for its outstanding results. Not only will you get a massive increase in power and torque, but also greatly improved throttle response and a smoother, more refined driving experiance overall.

Typical power gains do vary from one vehicle to the next, but on average we usually see results as follows:

  • 6 Speed Models (Euro 5): Stock 245hp > Alive Tuned 290hp
  • 8 Speed Models (Euro 5): Stock 255hp > Alive Tunied 300hp
  • 2016 Models (Euro 6 with AdBlue): Stock 255hp > Alive Tuned 330hp

This Remap can be purchased in advance to visiting our premises and comes with a complimentary diagnostic check to make sure your car is in tip top condition, as we will never tune a sick car! The remap process involves removal of the ECU (Euro 5 models only) so that it can be tuned on the bench, although 2016 (Euro 6) models can be remapped via the OBD port.

We recommend tuning be performed on our dyno so as to guarantee the best possible results, although we often remap these via post as well, with awesome results. 

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