Atric Remap Interface For Late Euro 6 SDV6 / SDV8

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The Alive Tuning Remap Interface Console (ATRIC) lets you reprogram your Land Rover Engine Management anytime, anywhere, by simply plugging into your car’s ODB2 socket. ATRIC p3 can hold up to five states of tune, with a backup of the original vehicle software, so you can return the car back to standard, anytime within just a few minutes. The full colour touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step walkthrough, that gives you the confidence and security you need to quickly and reliably apply ALIVE remapping to your car’s ECU.

Tuning files are created individually according to customer specific requirements, vehicle spec, usage and climate. ATRIC p3 will take a snapshot of your vehicles orginal ECU calibration and store it in its memory. Using the ATRIC p3 Windows PC software, this original file should be emailed to us for modification, where we will tailor your remap to suit your precise needs.

The interface not only allows you to tune your ecu, it also acts as a generic Fault Code reader, allowing you to Read and Clear engine management fault codes.
Download the ATRIC p3 instructions, and Windows PC software from the Downloads section of our website.

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