Defender Td5 Turbo Inlet Hose without breather

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This turbo inlet hose is wire helix reinforced to prevent the well known problem of the inlet hose collapsing under vacuum from high power tuning applications. This problem can occur in Td5 Defender models, especially those that are highly tuned, and / or fitted with a restricted induction system (such as having a snorkel fitted). This hose is an almost essential part of our GTB450 and GTB550 Td5 Variable Geometry turbocharger conversions.

There is deliberately no fitment for the engine breather hose, and so this should ideally be run through a seperate oil catch tank, and vented to atmosphere. The oil vapour from the breather system, condenses to create a fine film of oil on all components downstream of the turbocharger compressor outlet. Turbo boost hoses coat with oil, as do the internals of the intercooler (acting as an insulator!), the inlet manifold and cylinder inlet ports. If you want the best performance and efficiency from your engine, then re-routing the breather away from the air intake is the way to go!

This is a much cheaper alternative to the commonly used solution of replacing the entire air intake pipe with an alloy or stainless steel section, which can be very costly and offer no benefits over our simple solution here!

Samco Sport is regarded as THE name for automotive Silicone hoses, and is increasingly the choice for high performance vehicle manufacturers, to fit on their flagship models. ALIVE have worked along side Samco for many years, to develop a range of  the very finest Land Rover silicone hoses, that look fantastic, and perform brilliantly for life.

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