Want to find out more about enhancing your Land Rover, or how the Alive customisation process works? Take a look at the questions we regularly get asked about taking a vehicle to the next level.

At Alive we don’t believe that one shoe, (or tyre) fits all, so all of our packages are completely bespoke depending on the person, the car and their needs. To discover more about how we could help you, why not get in touch for personalised advice.

1 Will your tuning affect my warranty?

The simple answer is YES! It will affect all components from the engine, through
the transmission, down the drivetrain, to your axles. All of these items
would be subject to greater forces than standard, and so they are effectively
at a greater risk of failure than on a standard car. However, we understand the
components on each vehicle are made to withstand certain loads, and we take care
to ensure our work will not overstep the mark. We have our own 4×4 rolling road,
and have performed hundreds of hours of testing, over many vehicles, even in
different countries, and we know that our work will not cause any problems, ever!

2 I’ve seen plug in tuning box ‘chip’ devices elsewhere, do you sell these?

Absolutely not! These devices offer an extremely crude way of producing more
performance, and can only give very limited gains at best. We always reprogram
the internals of the vehicles engine management system, where we have access to
every parameter, allowing us to make perfectly balanced tuning that will always deliver.

3 I live too far away. Do you have outlets closer to me?

Alive’s “Master Tuner” status means we are capable of performing our engine tuning
on vehicles that are situated far away from us, using the internet to bridge the gap.
We have been remap tuning for over a decade, using the finest tools, equipment, and
software available in the world, which with our experience, ensures you’ll get that
‘Alive feeling’ every time you drive!

We have a small, but carefully selected number of tuning centres around the UK and
Northern Ireland, and as far away as Australia. Most of these are equipped to deal
with every model of Land Rover, as well as many other vehicles too.

Take a look at our dealer locator to see if we have an Alive Tuning agent close to you.

4 I’m worried my vehicle will not pass its MOT?

We understand the lengths the manufacturers have gone to, to ensure every
vehicle runs with minimal emissions, being sympathetic to our environment.
This is something we take very seriously, and see this as a factor that sets
up apart from the rest. Our tuning is designed to keep emissions as low as
possible, while releasing the maximum safe potential from your engine. By
doing this, we can be sure you will get the best possible MPG, and performance.

5 What happens if my dealers update the software, do I lose my tuning?

Of course, a main dealer software update will delete our work, and although
this does not happen very often, we would be only too happy to re-instate the
tuning, onto your new software revision. There is normally a small charge for
this service, simply to cover our time, and return postage if required.

6 Should I tell my insurance company about the modifications?

You must declare all non standard modifications to your insurance company.
Failure to do this does not bear thinking about, should the worst happen,
so it simply isn’t worth the risk. Often the difference in premiums is
negligible and so there really isn’t an excuse not to disclose modifications.