The power to move you

We have a long standing heritage for tuning the Land Rover Defender, respected the world over for our outstanding quality and attention to detail. Being a top tier tuner, we develop our own power upgrade programming in house, and have commissioned some of the biggest names in motorsport to supply vital additional components that will take your driving experience to another level.

Our engine tuning options are almost limitless, such is the ‘made to measure’ way we do things here at Alive. Engine ecu remapping for Defender Td5 starts at just £250+vat, £395+vat for the Defender 2.4 TDCi Puma and for the latest Defender 2.2 TDCi Puma models. Our in house 4×4 rolling road means we can give you real Before and After results, showing real evidence of the magic Alive Tuning can perform on your engine.

We’ve had some amazing results from our engine upgrades over the years, with performance improvements that give the Defender a true sporting ability and car like agility! Our Performance Package 4 conversion for the Td5 has proven to produce up to 225bhp and 450Nm of torque. We can get amazing results from the Ford Transit engines in the TDCi TD4 Puma Defenders, with power of up to 185bhp and mind blowing amounts of smoothly delivered torque! Our conversions can take 0-60mph (0-100kph) times down to a grin inducing 8 seconds, bringing the Defender well and truly in line with most cars.


Tailor made Defenders

We’ve a real passion for modifying Defenders, creating the perfect balance between a rugged hard working machine, and a vastly refined driving experience, both on and off road. Every vehicle we build is totally focused on you and your individual needs. Tell us how you want to use your Defender, and we will guide you through the almost limitless options available, ensuring you get only the very best.


A Timeless Classic

With its rugged looks, classless image and almost infinite adaptability, they’re the ultimate ‘do anything’ vehicle. As a blank canvas from factory, we have the knowledge, talent and pure dedication to perfection to transform these timeless iconic vehicles into something truly great. Fine leather trimmed seats, coupled with the latest sound deadening technology, make the interior warm and welcoming. High-end in-car entertainment that can be truly appreciated. Track tested suspension and braking, and a power delivery that’s smooth yet potent. All part of the phenomenal results that come when Alive works its magic on your Land Rover.



Find out more about the diverse range of upgrades available, to make your Defender feel Alive… Give our team a call or drop us an email, and lets talk about Defenders.