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This product is for customers that already own a Nanocom and are able to read the Map from their Ecu and send it to us. This is useful for our distant customers that cant find the time to travel to us and don't live near any of our dealers. How this works is you take a read of the map on your car and upload it to your computer. you then email it to us with your VIN (Exactly as stored on the ECU), Nanocom ID (this is case Sensitive), details of all the modifications on the vehicle, details of how you use your car and what your expectations are from the remap. We then work our Alive magic and email it back across to you, it is as simple as that!


Please note - Early 10p Td5s (1999>2001) with MSBxxxxxx part number ECU's are not applicable for this as they can not be read via the OBD port. These particular Ecus must come directly to us to be opened up on the bench.

Also please note that the Td5 Mass Air Flow meter is critical to performance on later Euro 3 vehicles. A good MAF will give a reading of around 56 to 60Kg/Hr at idle and will be around 190Kg/Hr when revs are held at 2000rpm. If yours is giving figures higher or lower than this, chances are you'll need a new MAF. We keep these in stock, at very reasonable prices so if you think yours might be tired then give us a call on 01472 812900 and we can discuss your readings and how to put things right.


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