Defender Intelligent Indicator Module


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This device adds a rather useful aspect to your Defender that we take for granted in modern day cars. Simply tap the indicator stalk lightly to activate your indicator for a set period of blinks after which it will automatically turn itself off. This bespoke system transforms the Defender indicator switch into a comfortable switch with functions found on premium modern cars. All that is needed to activate the indicator is a soft pad on the stalk to let the indicator blink for a programmable period. This kit is plug and play, you dont have to modify the switch, this indicators or the loom. The standard functions of the indicator remain working and of course the hazard light function remains intact! The microprocessor enables its user to adjust the system to accept any custom “on” time for the indicator in comfort mode, simply by programming this with the standard indicator stalk using the registered Red Bison singe button multi function technology.

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