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3rd Nov 2015

You Get What You Pay For!

We often get asked why our Silicone Boost hoses are so expensive compared to others and what the difference is. If you have a look at the featured image on this blog you will see a set of cheap hoses (sold by a well known company) we took off a customers car and you don’t have to look closely to see the amount of oil that has seeped through. Oil bleeding through boost hoses can cause the hoses to deteriorate much quicker than they otherwise would and of course make your engine bay look very dirty. The hoses in the picture had only been fitted for 6 months and where already on there way out and almost needing replaced.

Our point is this is the result of cheap and nasty silicone hoses! Our signature Samco made silicone boost hoses have a Flurosilicone liner on the inside of the hose that prevents this oil bleed and keeps your hoses and engine bay in good condition. Not only this but they come with a fit and forget guarantee which means if they ever do split or break down then you will get them replaced free of charge! Effectively what this means is when you buy a set of our Samco hoses you are buying the last set your engine will ever need. It is a simple universal rule of you get what you pay for so show some love to your Landy and don’t go buying cheap and nasty parts, do a proper job!

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